Cow Show Animals For Sale

We have probably the best group of heifers ever in our corrals. We have listed some of our show calves for sale down below:

  • Tryday Lou Ann
  • All Idaho March Calf - Hon Mention Jr. Champ All-Idaho Show 2007
  • 2nd March Calf Utah State Fair 2007
  • All Utah Jr Yearling  2008
  • 4th Jr Yearling Western Spring National  2008
  • Ann is housed @ Doubletree Dairy and owned with Jay Yardley Gunnison Ut.

Dec. '07 Calves:

  • Proof from Durham
  • Dundee from Storm Cloud
  • Roy from Storm Cloud

Sept. '07 Calves:

  • Stormatic from Ex. Integrity
  • Red-Talent from Ex. Redmarker
  • Sal-Pal Grand-daughter or Flora Ex. '92 show winner

June. '07 Calves:

  • 2 Stormatic from Tijunae Ex. 90 Roy
    * We have several other calves this age. We have some great looking Sal-Pal calves, he is a Talent son. These calves would do well for 4H calves.

March '07 Calves:

  • Roy from Leduc dav
  • Lov from 
    * These calves were 1st & 2nd at Idaho State Fair & Utah State Fair 2007. They are a great pair of calves and will be very competitive in 2008.

Dec. '06 Calves:

  • Dundee Grand-Daughter from the great Dezi cows at Harris Dairy, what a great family.