About us

Doubletree Dairy put its roots down in the late 70's, at the time it include Bob & Bill Wright family. The first prefix was B-Bar-Dairy. Success came quickly & in 1977 they bred B-Bar-W Nanette, she was an All-American Jr. Yearling. Another cow they bred was B-Bar-W Maple Jolley which set a world record for milk in 1977 at over 32,000 Lbs as a Jr. 2 year old. In the next 10 years Bill Showed and developed over 15 All American nominations.

In 1988 Bill was elected to serve in the Utah State Legislature and for the next 16 years in the House of Representatives & State Senate. During these years Bill & Kathy were in the middle of raising their family of 10 children. The family farm became a second priority. In 2002 there oldest son Joshua joined in with his father and grandfather's farming operation. Josh like his father had a keen interest & talent in breeding & developing great Holstein cows. In 2004 the original farm & dairy in Elberta , Utah was sold. New property was purchased in McCornick, Utah. B-Bar Dairy's name was changed to Doubletree Dairy farms. It now consists of 1000 acres and 500 milking cows.

We raise mostly alfalfa hay for feed or sale. Doubletree has always included Draft horses. They currently have a pair of Belgian geldings that stand over 19 hands high. For 25 years we have had the contract with Meadow Gold Diary from Salt Lake City to pull their show wagon for advertizing in parades & events. This wagon has traveled over 3000 miles and done over 500 appearances.

Success also came with the horses in the pulling competitive events. This is were the new prefix of Doubletree came from (the doubletree is used to hook horses to a wagon or farm implement). In 2004 the decision was made to focus on cattle development, the success came quickly again. We currently have a great group of cows and heifers that we have breed. In the fall of 2007 we had a Jr. 2 year old winner at the World Dairy expo in Madison, Wisconsin. At the Utah & Idaho State fairs we had a Grand Reserve Champion, Intermediate Champion & Jr. Champion. At these shows we had the best 3 Jr. Females.

At Doubletree Dairy we make an effort to breed cattle that are useful to dairyman and their family farm. We work hard at breeding good cattle, we enjoy developing and working with exceptional heifers and cows. We are grateful to associates who gave us the chance to do that. We hope that you will find Doubletree Dairy interesting and want to work with us in a purchase or developing great animals.


Bill Wright (801) 404-7066
bill [at] cattleembryo [dot] com

Joshua Wright (801) 404-1627
joshua [at] cattleembryo [dot] com