Steps in Milking your cow

Almost all of us enjoy fresh milk everyday as it helps us stay healthy and strong! In milking your cow, you just need a pail, short stool and your two gentle hands. Once you have started milking your cow, you’ll have to do this at least twice daily until you let her dry up.

1. Milk same time daily.
2. Make your cow feel comfortable by sitting on the same side of the cow each day. cows like routine.
3. If this makes you feel more at ease, place cow in a stanchion. If your cow is an old hand at being milked, this probably won’t be necessary. You must know her routine.
4. Place stool at a right angle to the cow and sit with your head resting on her flank.
5. Wash udder with warm water and clean cloth.
6. Place pail under teats.
7. Take a teat into the palm of your hand.
8. Squeeze teat at top with thumb and forefinger. Continue squeezing each finger around teat, forcing milk in a stream until all fingers are around teat.
9. Release teat.
10. Repeat until only a small amount of milk comes out and the udder is soft to the touch.

* Maintaining a good feeding program by milking your cow regularly will help your cow produce milk for up to 10 months.

* Take good care of your cow very well. Don’t be rough with her. Remember even the nicest cow can kick you. So always be aware of this.

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