Produce the most Milk

What can you do to get the most milk out of your cows?

This is an age old question that many salesmen seem to have the answer to!
Feed this or do that they all say.
For decades now the A. I. Industry has pushed high milk or net merit bulls.
If you use +1000 pound milk bulls for 10 generations, do you end up with 10,000 pound of milk over the dairymen that used bulls that were 0 for milk and +2.00 for type?

A wise dairymen who was successful at putting successful bulls into AI Studs, showing Holsteins, and an ALL-Time ALL American
committee member taught the following:

1. The #1 index for milk is not in the bull proofs.
Answer: the thing that causes more milk is for a cow to have a calf.

2. The #2 index for milk is not in the bull proofs.
Answer: the second best flow of milk comes when a cow starts lactation after her 3rd calf.

With all the technology of Genomic testing, sexed semen, improved plant genetics, synchronizations programs, computers to balance rations and many more new tools; why do we have horrible success in getting cows pregnant and getting cows to finish 3 lactations?

Wendell Mickelsen

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