How to Care for Cows

Taking care of your cows will produce dairy products, meat and calves for years.

Here are tips to care for your cows:

– Provide shelter. Cows need shade in summer and a windbreak in winter. The type of shelter depends on the type of winter your area has and the breed of cow.

– Keep cows wormed. Change brands of wormer every other time to prevent them from becoming immune.

– Provide water at the time – either pond, spring, creek or watering tank.

– Feed cows. Milking cows will need grain and hay for good production. Beef cows can manage on pasture with supplemental feedings of hay and grain in winter.

– Keep salt and minerals out for cattle at all times. Check with your local vet or agricultural agent about types of minerals needed for your area and time of year.

– Maintain a good fence or pen around cows.

– Clean barn stalls and lay fresh straw if you keep your cows in a barn.

– Milk dairy cows twice a day.

– Check cows for lice and parasites and medicate as needed. Check with vet for any questions you have.
* Remember that even if they are gentle, cows are still animals. Teach your children the
correct way to handle cattle and where not to play.

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