Geonic tested bulls or youngsires

Genomic bulls are now availible.
The January 2009 sire summaries are now in and the major US bull studs are marketing semen through this Genomic tool.

I was told tonight that some Genomic tested youngsires are retailing for as high as $18 US.

I read that Canada will start selling Genomic tested bulls in April. Is that correct?

Will dairymen be willing to pay that high of price for Genomic tested youngsires?
The dairy economy is really hurting. I visited several dairyies in the Boise Idaho area over the past 3 days. They all expressed concerns about how long they can stay in businness with the low milk prices and high input costs.
They also said that they had been using a lot of sexed semen and cannot afford it now.
This may not have been the best time to launch the Genomic tested genetics?


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