Genomic testing

Is Genomic Testing of dairy cattle sending the industry down the right path?
There is a lot of controversy out there!!
Is it going to narrow the genetic base even more than it is? I would say yes. The breeds have been narrowed a lot in the past 30-40 years as the genetic pool became a world wide market.
Now the genomic testing will narrow the cow side of the genetic base more than the bulls ever were.

The value of a lot of great cow lines will drop to a value of grade/commercial cows. A few cow lines will have even greater value to the A.I. companies but will they be willing to pay double the price for the young sires they purchase or lease?

Should the dairymen hold out on selling/leasing the young sire from these superior genomic tested cows or cow families until they are able to get the premium purchase price or lease?

This all starts to happen in the January 2009 sire summary.

Is it time for the old effort of the “Breeders Majority” type movement to return?

Who should run the demands of the genetics of the world? Dairymen or the Major Bull Studs?

It is a time to think and make a stand!!!

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