Holstein Dairy Situation

I attended the dairy sales in Pennsylvania November 16 & 17. The prices were very strong. The Welk-Shade sale averaged over $4500 and the Glen-Valley Gala averaged over $4000. There were about 200 head of registered Holsteins that sold in those 2 sales. The dairymen were upbeat about the dairy business. Feed prices and feed shortages are still the big concern. Hay seems to be a bigger issue than corn.

The hay auctions in Lancaster PA. are having prices in the $300 per ton with some talk of near $400 per ton. This is still the fall prices and next spring could only go higher. There is just not the hay available this year. People from Kansas, Idaho , Utah , PA, and New York were all commenting that there is not any hay inventory out there.

Congradulations to Mark Welk and Ken Umble for a great effort in these sales and also to Dave & Merry Rama and their staff in Managing the sales.

Wendell Mickelsen

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