Braedale GOLDWYN

Who will be the greatest son of Braedale Goldwyn?

Is it MD-Valleyvue Goldwyn Chris-ET-RC?

MD-Valleyvue Goldwyn Chris-Et RC was breed by Calvin Schrock and is now leased to Select Sires.

MD-Valleyvue Goldwyn Chris was syndicated and sampled. He has a clean health chart and is housed at JLG in California.

MD-Valleyvue Goldwyn Chris is from the linage of the Queen of the Breed, the great Roxy.

He was genomic tested and was higher than parent average.

MD-Valleyvue Goldwyn Chris will be re-released by select Sires as a super sampler.

A lot of MD-Valleyvue Goldwyn Chris semen was used in Pennsylvania , Idaho, and California.

Wendell Mickelsen

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