Boss Iron

Boss Iron is an interesting bull. In Europe, he is known for sireing productive life and high type.
Boss Iron is a Sabbiona Bookie son from an EX93 Mark X a Threat X a Willow Farm Rockman Ivanhoe from the Spruce gate herd. (Outcross pedigree)

Boss Iron has a Son in the US, Wilsondale Iron Liberty. His dam isan EX92 Wade X EX91-2E Emory ( one of 12 Excellent Sisters) X EX 94 3E Valiant Tory ( one of 7 Excellent sisters) X EX94 Wilsondale Ivan Tara X EX 94 5E Threat. This bull deserves a lot more use. Comments by Richard Mellinger Call Richard toll free 877-530-2687

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