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Wilcoxview Jasper X Windy-Knoll-View Posey EX 90 embryos at Sunshine Genetics

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

28 Dec 2007 Sunshine Genetics harvested 11 #1 quick thaw embryos from Windy-Knoll-View Posey-ET and sired by Wilcoxview Jasper.

They should be available to be exported.

Posey is an EX @ 3 yrs. Integrity Dtr of Pala with 4-06 2x 305d 27980 3.7 1040 3.2 884

Pala EX 94-DOM has 18 EX dtrs. by 11 different sires. One of those Dtrs. is Windy-Knoll-View Promis EX-95 GMD DOM, the dam of Pronto. Pronto is the #8 TPI bull of the breed in the 8-2008 summary. Pala is also the granddam of Windy-Knoll-View Prince-RC-ET. Prince is sired by the popular bull KHW Kite Advent-Red. Windy-Knoll-View Promis EX-95 is the dam of Prince

Wilcoxview Jasper 200H0142  is the highest type bull in Canada at 20. He is +3.53 for type in the US. The amazing thing is, that this is with 2nd crop dtrs just fresh. He is dead and there is no inventory left at Semex. These embryos by Wilcoxview Jasper 200H0142 is the very best way to get the elite breeding programs of Windy-Know-View and Wilcoxview into your herd. Do not wait!! call now!!!

Call Wendell for more info @ 801-706-1138Â

3 Sire summaries per year

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

2008 will be the beginning of another change in the USDA Dairy sire summaries.

We have had summaries 2 times per year and recently they have been 4 times per year.

Why do we change things around? When there were 2 per year, everyone got all excited about “proofs”. Then when there were 4 per year, the “proofs” happened so often that no-one seemed to care. What will we do now that there will be 3 per year. Maybe we will be kind-of excited.

These proof  frequencies had some effect on embry sales and youngsire departments in the studs.

What do these changes do to your decision making process? Anything? or do you just go with the flow?


3 Ets born

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

The good news is that we had three et calves hit the ground. The bad news is that they were all bull calves. Three stormatic calves out of Flora(country home emory flora). Is flushing cows worth it? We dried flora up last week. She is pregnant to pronto due first of march. We are all hoping and begging for a heifer calf. She looks really good right now and is enjoying her time off in the horse barn.
I am really excited about a dec. proof calf out of a very good durham cow. Her maternal sister was 2nd jr. two all-Utah show last April. She will be in the western national futurity show May of 2008.
Happy Holidays every one and God Bless.

Spacious Calf transition pens

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

Spacious Calf transition pens

Each calf should have a 5X5 ft. area for laying down to ease the stress at weaning and grouping.
Moving calves from individual housing to group pens can be a traumatic experience for them. However, you can minimize the stress with proper housing, says Sam Leadley, calf and heifer management specialist at Attica Veterinary Associates,
Attica, N.Y.For instance, provide at least 25 square feet of resting space per heifer. “If heifers are disturbed frequently — which happens with reduced resting space — heifer stress levels increase,” he notes. “This stress is a precondition for illness and poor feed conversion efficiency.” Also be sure that there is enough bunk space for all heifers to eat at once and that waterers offer easy access during all weather conditions. Article from Dairy Herds Management calf and heifer advisor.

Also to reducess stress it has been recommended to wean the calf before it leaves the hutch forat least a week. Also, do not dehorn at the same time that you group or wean. In other words, spread out these management steps. It is also encouraged to give the calf a high quality DFM for 2 weeks during these management steps. This will help push intakes.

Wendell Mickelsen, Manager of Wilonna Sires

Wilcoxview Jasper TL TV

Friday, December 7th, 2007

Who is he and where did he come from? He is another bull that was culled and now with his 2nd crop coming in, he becomes very popular. But how can he be this good? His sire stack is Lee X Bellwood X Mr Mark Cinder X Beautician. The background history trivia is that his dam, Jasmine, won her Jr 2 yr old class at the Western National Spring show in Richmond UT. Then Jasper’s full sisters were JR Champion and Reserve Jr Champion at the same time and his full brother also won his class that year. Jasper’s full bother was purchased by Pappys farm at that show and used as a clean-up-bull with the heifers. Pappageorges ended up with some daughters of the Jasper’s full brother and 2 of them are Excellent.

Semen is very tight as a dead bull does not make much semen. His code # is 200H000142 if you can find any, it may take $100 a straw to buy it. I am flushing an Ex Integrity Daughter from Windy-Knoll-View Pala to Jasper. Call me at 801-706-1138 if you have interest in some embryos.

Wendell MickelsenÂ