Steps to feed cow

Feeding your cow properly would help them produce more milk, better calves and better meat for your table.

Winter Feeding

1. Provide hay or some form of roughage when there is no longer any pasture.
2. Feed a grain mix or cubes of 15 percent or more protein in harsh winter months.
3. Keep salt and or a mineral mix. Check with your extension office for the mineral needs in your area to go along with hay.
4. Provide water to cattle at all times with a pond or a watering tank. When water freezes, ice must be broken daily for cattle to drink.

Summer Feeding

1. Provide cattle with pasture – about an acre per cow depending on type of grass.
2. Watch for loose stools early in spring due to green grass. Early grasses are mostly water and do not provide many vitamins and minerals. You will need to keep supplementing your pasture with hay and feed.
3. Provide salt or mineral mix.
4. Provide water at all times.

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