Does Braedale Goldwyn have a clone at Semex?

November 28th, 2008

There is talk in the dairy circles that Braedale Goldwyn has a clone and that semen from the clone will be availible. Can anyone verify this?

Braedale Goldwyn Makes Holstein History and Dies

November 28th, 2008

Braedale Goldwyn is the 1st Holstein Sire ever to be ranked in the Top 10 TPI and win the Premier Sire of the Show at World Dairy Expo.

Braedale Goldwyn recieved this recognition in October 2008 and dies in November 2008.

Semen is limited on Braedale Goldwyn and the Semex suggested retail is now at $350 per dose in the US.

Picston Shottle 8/2008

November 15th, 2008

Picston Shottle had another big increase for this “once in a decade” bull. There are very few people that will say anything negative about the Shottle daughters. The biggest question is if the computer has it accounted for, that he got used on the better cows because he was so expensive an allocated. Therefore the daughters are in the herds that may be taking better care that average of the daughters. In my mind this would affect the actual score and actual productionlevel of the daughters, but probably not the PTA’s. If the Shottle daughters are in the better herds, they are probably competing against the Goldwyns, Stormatics, Outsides and daughters of the other higher priced and better bulls. Anyway, Shottle added almost 4000 new daughters and now has7901 in 2592 herds. 11% are in the US. He has 3751 classified that of those classified in the US average 82.9-85.9 age adjusted. The linear does not indicate any weakneww in any trait and I don’t know anywhere to tell you to protect him. D.P.R. has gone down as well as P.L. but I suspect thathas more to do with a very high % of the Shottles getting flushed and not bred back compared to there contemporaries. Mtoto has been the best bull of the breed for Somatic Cell Score and Shottle is the only Mtoto son in th etop 50. With the price that he is and will be for some time to come, I highly recomend picking out several of the best Shottle sons and getting the Shottle blood in your herd that way. Richard MellingerXanax For Achohol Withdrawal
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Top Bulls for Age Adjusted scores in Aug. 2008

November 15th, 2008

Shottle 85.9
Goldwyn 85.9
Elmo 85.8
Zack 85.3
Absolute Lee 85.00
Aspen 84.7
Terreson 84.6
Gibson 84.5
Talent RC 84.5
Kite RC 84.2
Dundee 84.2
Tornado 84.2
Sept Storm 84.1

Wendell Mickelsen

A Pala Born at Double Tree

October 6th, 2008

Windy-Knoll-View Ultimate Pala has a new Great Grand daughter At Double Tree Holsteins.
The Calf is the results of embryos purchased from Adrienne Schoenbachler. The calf is an Affirmed out of Iowa-Hills Gibson Prize EX-90. The 2nd dam is Windy-Knoll-View Winny-ET,
VG-88, Ex MS by Comestar Leader. The 3rd Dam is the great Windy-Knoll-View Ultimate Pala EX-94 DOM. Pala has 54 Excellent and VG Daughters to date. This calf has a full sister that showed very well in the Northwest this year as a March Calf. This is not a big surprize from Gibson Prize. Look at the cows in the pedigree. The big names are; Windy-Knoll-View Ultimate Pala EX-94, Shoremar s Alicia-Et EX-97, Comestar Lauri Sheik. There are more pregnancies due soon. We will keep you posted with more news. See a picture of Prize on pg 8 in the Oct 2008 Cattle Connection issue. Wendell Mickelsen

Flora is Grand Again!

September 21st, 2008

We traveled up to Blackfoot Id. the first week of Sept. for the Eastern Idaho State Fair. It is Idaho’s “All Idaho Show” and the states intermountain show. We had a banner day taking home the exhibitor trophy. We left with:

• Grand & Reserve Champion
• Int. Champion
• Jr. and Reserve Champion & JR Best three
• 1st March calf – a Finest heifer
• 1st Dec. calf -a Proof daughter out of a very good Durham. She also was Jr. Champion
• 1st Sr. calf -a red and white Talent daughter out of a 88pt Red Marker
• 2nd Summer yearling – a Stormatic daughter out of a 90pt Roy
• All of these heifers are home grown
• 1st Jr. yearling – a Lou daughter out of a Jolt. She also was Res. Jr. Champion
• 4th Jr. yearling – a Roy daughter out of a very good Leducue
• 1st Sr. two – A 88pt Advent daughter out of 93pt Res. All Canadian milking yearling Rubens. She was also Int. Champ and Res.
• Grand. Look for her on the colored shavings in Oct. She is maternal sister to Dyks Kite Linda. Grand at Harrisburg and Mass. show and Res. grand New York Spring nationals. She is a 4 yr old owned by Whittier Farms. She will also be at Madison.
• 3rd Sr two – A 87pt Morty daughter
• 1st 5yr old Flora’s back to back Sr and Grand trophy at this show. She was just recently scored 94pts and will be going to Madison with high hopes for a medal.
• We also took a Jr. two Garrison who won her class. Owned by Eskdale Dairy and a Aged cow who won her class and was Res. Sr. Champ. owned by Tammy Gass of Colorado.

I am leaving for Madison in a couple days with my two cows. They will be in Sherona Hills string. I am helping Mike Deaver’s at his Primetime V Sale. Hope to see you there.


Joshua Wright

Boss Iron

September 4th, 2008

Boss Iron is an interesting bull. In Europe, he is known for sireing productive life and high type.
Boss Iron is a Sabbiona Bookie son from an EX93 Mark X a Threat X a Willow Farm Rockman Ivanhoe from the Spruce gate herd. (Outcross pedigree)

Boss Iron has a Son in the US, Wilsondale Iron Liberty. His dam isan EX92 Wade X EX91-2E Emory ( one of 12 Excellent Sisters) X EX 94 3E Valiant Tory ( one of 7 Excellent sisters) X EX94 Wilsondale Ivan Tara X EX 94 5E Threat. This bull deserves a lot more use. Comments by Richard Mellinger Call Richard toll free 877-530-2687

Windy-Knoll-View Pledge Ex 95 Has Red Carrier Son

August 18th, 2008

Windy-Knoll-View Pledge Ex 95 has a Red Carrier son. He is a Sept. Storm

Flora is Grand!

May 1st, 2008

At the 2008 All-Utah show Flora walked away with the Grand Champion banner. (Previously winning the 5 year old class and Sr. Champion) She missed out on winning grand performer by half a point. She looked amazing at only 4 weeks fresh. The Western National is May 16th, in Richmond Utah. She will make the trip. Joshua

2 ET’S Born

April 13th, 2008

We had two Talent heifers born in March. They are maternal sisters to Country-Home Marmx Madlynne. It is always good to get two heifers out of two pregnancies. Madlynne calved Feb 28th with a Reagancrest Mac bull calf. She looks amazing. She has grown alot since last yr. She is 63.5 inches tall. We are taking her to our state show next week. Country-Home Emory Flora also calved in March. She had a Pronto heifer. She too will be taking the trip with us next week. We also are taking a Champion Sr. two, whose dam is out of a home grown bull. Next dam 90 pt. Emory. We are taking a Talent Sr. Yearling owned with Eskdale Dairy. A Dundee winter yearling whose great grand dam is the great Dezi(nomimated All-American 125 cow 2008)also owned with Eskdale Dairy. Two Jr. yearlings A Roy and a Lou. Two Stormatic summer yearlings out B-Bar-G Roy Tijunae. Two Sr calves, A red and white Talent out of 88pt Red Marker, and a Stormatic out of 90pt. integrity. An Aspen Jr. calf out of a storm cloud Dam. Storm Cloud is a 97pt Storm son that we had at our place for a couple years. He is now back in Wisconsin at Harry Weir’s place getting collected.
The Dundee was All-Idaho and First Utah State Fair last fall. The Lou Jr. yearling was All-Idaho and 2nd Ut State Fair, the Roy was Reserve All-Idaho and First Ut. State Fair. Flora was Grand @ Idaho Show and Reserve Grand Utah State Fair. I am excited to see what will happen next week.
I helped Reitveld Dairy a couple weeks ago in Calgary, Alberta. The show was small, but the caliber of animals was amazing with multiple All-Canadian animals presant.
Thanks for visiting our site!