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Popular Holstein Bulls

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

There are many bulls out there for people to use. Wilonna Sires does not follow the popular trend of the university genetics departments or the major bull stud sire analysis. Wilonna Sires talks to the people who milk the cows day in and day out. This is the best way to find out what bulls have the best daughters. The bulls that dairymen are most excited about are the Talents, Advents and Dundees. The September Storms bull also is doing a nice job out there.

Double Tree Dairy has a Talent son that is very exciting. Eskdale Sal Pal-Et RC has 100 pregs at our place. There are 5 month old calves here now and in the same pens are dtrs. of Talent himself and many other top bulls. The Sal Pal calves really are the best calves. They have more bone and width. The thurls and pin width is rarely seen in todays modern genetics. The Sal Pal calves have the depth and width of for-rib that the Talents usually lack. They are hard over the top. Sal Pal is our Senior Herd Sire.

Our Jr. Herd Sire will be Windy-Knoll-View Prince-Et RC. In March 2008 he will be a year old. He is a Advent X Promis X Pala. Wow, he is really fancy. “The Prince” will really sire a lot of breed character in the head, neck, and shoulder. You can see his 8 month old picture in this website.

These 2 bulls used in combo will really create some great Holstein cattle.

Wendell Mickelsen

Holstein Dairy Situation

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

I attended the dairy sales in Pennsylvania November 16 & 17. The prices were very strong. The Welk-Shade sale averaged over $4500 and the Glen-Valley Gala averaged over $4000. There were about 200 head of registered Holsteins that sold in those 2 sales. The dairymen were upbeat about the dairy business. Feed prices and feed shortages are still the big concern. Hay seems to be a bigger issue than corn.

The hay auctions in Lancaster PA. are having prices in the $300 per ton with some talk of near $400 per ton. This is still the fall prices and next spring could only go higher. There is just not the hay available this year. People from Kansas, Idaho , Utah , PA, and New York were all commenting that there is not any hay inventory out there.

Congradulations to Mark Welk and Ken Umble for a great effort in these sales and also to Dave & Merry Rama and their staff in Managing the sales.

Wendell Mickelsen

First Blog

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

It was a gratifying experience winning Madison. One that I thought might never happen. Even though we did not own Mona at the time it was still enjoyable to watch. The big goal for us is to win Madison, but realistically it is not going to happen very often. So we set are goals at winning the local shows and competing well at the Spring Western National in Richmond Ut.
There are good cows in the state Ut. which was evident on the colored shavings this year. It is fun to have competitive exhibiters to show against. I was very happy to see some of my friends and neighbors fare well at Madison, especially the Conrad family of Eskdale dairy. They do good things at thier dairy. Not many people see or know due to the location of thier dairy.
Good Luck! Hope to blog again.